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Essence of Ribhu Gita


One of Bhagavan Ramana's favourite traditional spiritual works was the Ribhu Gita. It is an important  text in the history of his instruction for those close devotees who gravitated to him. Bhagavan related how surprised he was at the time to hear an exact description of his own state recited in the Ribhu Gita and that it had been experienced by others and was the bliss of the Self sought after by all true seekers.
The Ribhu Gita forms the sixth section of the Sanskrit work known as Siva Rahasya. It is the teachings of Lord Siva in Mount Kailas to His devotee Ribhu, from whom the Gita derives its name. The teaching is  of such scintillating brilliance that Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi recommended its recital as a strong  support for spiritual progress. He used to say that the recital itself leads to spontaneous abidance in the Self. The book presented herewith consists of 122 verses from the original Tamil work, being a free translation into English prose, conveying the essence of the original. The importance of the Ribhu Gita can be gauged from the fact Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi often recommended its recitation and sat with his devotees on many occasions when they chanted it. He encouraged devotees to regularly read and study the Ribhu Gita.