What is Hindu Frequency?

I am not extremely religious in anyway, but I have had the fortune of experiencing the wealth of wisdom and knowledge that exists in old Hindu scriptures in a small way. Reading just one of these great booklets can enhance anyone’s faith. They can even instill a curiosity, shine a fresh light on, and provide a higher insight into the great questions of chemistry and physics. My generation on the other hand is of a new age in which we are addicted to our phones and I-pods. This has greatly displaced the time available and spent on reading books. Unfortunately these old booklets have never been made into audio books and therefore are often hidden from the vast majority of us... that is, until now.

To solve this problem, I created the "Hindu Frequency" project. To start off, we selected several key scriptures and made them into audio books that are organized in the download’s section of this website. Our primary goal in this project is making as many of these ageless books easily accessible to the world. Therefore, if anyone would like to contribute towards the project by adding his or her own voice, it would be greatly appreciated. If you have any contributions, constructive criticisms, or any questions, simply leave a comment below, or visit the contact us page and send me an email.

- Jeevesh Konuru

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  1. A.gopala krishna

    good work jeevesh, availability Upanishads in audio form is good thing. i wish this work will reveal the fact that Upanishads are not only for religious, but also for human kind and welfare .


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